Shipping Packing List

Packing Sheet
(Put in Shipping Box With Book)
(Please make all inquiries and payments out to Jeff Saxton)
(Please include a $20 deposit with shipping)

PO Box 1471
Noblesville, IN

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City/Zip Code:__________________________________________
Phone:   Home:________________Cell:______________________

Please indicate the following after contacting me by phone or email.

__ Re-glue Loose Pages

__ Replace Broken Threads

__ Repair Torn Pages
     Number of Pages_____  

__ Recover With Buckram
     Color Number_______

__ Recover With Imitation Leather
     Color Number_______

__ Recover With Arrestox B
     Color Number_______

__ Recover With Leather
     Color Number_______

__ Restore/Repair Original Cover

__ Recondition Leather